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alias jargon

FREEBIE TIP! Over 256+ color GIF image tutorial.

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FREEBIE TIP! Over 256+ color GIF image tutorial. By using a local palette for each frame, turning off loop, using a frame delay of zero, and using all 256 colors in first frame, then using 255 colors in each following frame, and using transparent for colors to keep in previous frames, you can use more than 256 colors in a GIF image! WARNING: Only works in viewers with animation enabled. BTW, transparent pixels take up less space in the compressed GIF format than pixels containing color data do. Also by cropping the dimensions of newly layered frames smaller than the first frame while accurately setting their offset, you can crush the file size smaller. By using local palettes, you don''t even have to give all the frames the full 256 color index. You could then plot a sectional region of the GIF at time, with the size of each frame''s local palette based on the density of color. An addition, by using photo shop to create a layer for the gif you dont have to use an amount of colors entries as a power of two, adobe can save a gif with anywhere from 1 color plus transparent all the way to 256 colors, however you must remember that if there are repeat colors all the way up to the last index with the last index being transparent that adobe has a bug which strips the transparency index and those redundant trailing colors from the palette ending up in a corrupted GIF!!! As well adobe photoshop only can create non-animated GIFs. However, by importing a GIF created as a block from adobe using the local palette option in GIF construction set professional, the non-animated GIF from adobe will be imported with its custom adobe palette directly into the image block. You must remember that GIF construction set professional must either use a power of two palette or all 256 entries in the palette unless you cheat it using this last technique! By following these tips you can make smaller sized GIF''s and be free to use from 1 color plus transparent all the way to tens of thousands of colors! You should know that i came to know all of this above mentioned knowlege thru trial and error. Nobody taught it to me. Woohah! That outta get your goat! - Tim Keal alias jargon of idealgeneration.net Technology Sect (jargon@juno.com)

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