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Scroll Theory

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Allright ladies and gents, here''s the deal. I''m working on a basic 2D game with sprite animation. I need to move the window around the "world" basically just like in Diablo or any other "top view" game. It''s a quite simple game, and I''m not doing anything fancy, just a big map array of tiles that make up the world, and sprites for the player and enemies. The thing that may greatly decrease the amount of help I get from this post is that I''m programming on a Macintosh using quickdraw as my graphics driver. I really don''t think it should be as hard as I have found it to be because I would think the Mac would have enough processor speed and memory to do simple blits quickly. I will need to redraw the entire screen every frame, of course, but I am in desparate need of optimization. I''ve created an offscreen buffer that holds the background image, then I just copy it to the screen. I move the world around in the offscreen, draw the new area, then....what. 1.Do I draw my player and any other changing images onto this offscreen and copy the whole thing to the window?(Which means I would have to erase the images that change in order to prepare for the next frame.) 2.Or...Do I draw just the background image onto the offscreen, copy it to the window, then draw the player/enemies onto the SCREEN?(The changing images would then just be copied over on the next frame. Basically what is faster? Should I write my own blitting routines, should I use a mask (CopyMask())? Any assistance would be appreciated. (onecaracarn@hotmail.com)

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