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GeForce vs. ATI, Part 2

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Hello again all I made a new post to let you know what i found out about the bug. Part 1 It seems that when using BltFast from one texture(1) to another texture(2), using DDBLTFAST_SRCCOLORKEY, AND the texture(1)''s (width*height) = pow2 , GeForce cards mess up. I have no idea why this is the case ?? The Gold frame''s texture was 256x32 = pow2, i then changed this to 288x32, and everything was working. I did a few more tests, and found that the texture, messed up when it was pow2. I would very mush like to know if the UI is now working on all cards, so i uploaded a new sample. http://www.microtower.com/temp/ui_test.zip

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It still works on my machine perfectly:
amd 2600+
asus ati 9600xt
512 mb ram

A question: how did you get the textbox to work so fluently? On projects in the past, when I implemented a console, the typing was very jumpy and it was difficult sometimes to type a word in correctly.

Dustin Franklin
Mircrosoft DirectX MVP

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Isn''t it a problem with the texture aspect ratio??? (DXCaps->DX Graphics->3D Card Name->D3D Dev Types->HAL->Caps->MaxTextureAspectRatio)

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218fps windowed 800x600x32 hw t&l
64mb agp geforce 3
p4 - 1.8ghz - 512mb ram
win2k sp4

nice interface. gold outline looks correct.
the only thing that looks strange is the text.
some of the words are jaggy and almost unreadable.

[edited by - eFoDay on March 6, 2004 2:24:31 PM]

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350 fps default settings (windowed)
410 fps fullscreeen

128mb GeForce 5700 Ultra
Athlon XP 1800+
512mb RAM
Win XP

Everything works perfect (and looks good) on my machine.

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1.0 GHz Athlon Tbird
GeForce2 GTS 32mb

Your GUI update code is horrendously slow . Moving the mouse over the listbox or listview drops the FPS to about 15. It''s normally about 110 when not moving the mouse or hovering over the other windows. If I maximize the listview, it drops to a persistent 2-3 fps. Something is definitely wrong there.

Otherwise, nice GUI! Has a definite Everquest feel to it, but that''s not necessarily a bad thing.

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P4 2Ghz
GF4 Ti4200

Excpet for some heavy aliasing in the text, it works great. Good framerate, and it looks pretty too. I can post an image if you''d like.

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Wow really nice interface, explain more on it if you could!

160fps even on a GeForce FX GO, 3.06 ghrz pentium HT

well done.

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works great
512 mb ddr400mhz pc3200 ram
athlon xp 1800+
geforce 4 ti4200 128mb + also on geforce2 mx 400 64mb

Original post by vbtest
400 mhz 256 ddr ram

lol ivr got mooore.

[edited by - DerAngeD on March 7, 2004 9:04:30 AM]

[edited by - DerAngeD on March 7, 2004 9:05:05 AM]

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First of, thx for testing my UI

I would like if u guys could post an image of whats wrong with the text, have not seen any text bugs on the PCs i have tested it on.

And yes, its a bit slow when u hover the mouse over some of the windows. This has to do with, how i draw the windows.
As the textbox and edit control can contain "links", i have to update these on mousemove, also the listbox and listview draws text "hot" on mousemove these has to be updated as well.
Also keep in mind that the textbox dose wordwraping and to do that, i need to parse the text for color values and links.
The lose in frame rate is the price you pay for having a "fluently" UI.
But i dont think it will affect a game to mush, if you consider how it will work in game.
The "chat window" etc. wont be full screen, i meen, why make it fullscreen when your running around fighting monsters etc.
Also the frame rate drops when you resize windows, but again, this dose not realy matter, as you would probly only setup your UI once, and lock the window positions when you play.
The main thing is, that the UI is drawen very fast when you run around in a world.
Sure I could make the UI faster, but you would lose "hot" colors, "hot" buttons, "hot" links etc.
Also the UI gives you the option to be fully user customized.

As for how is was made, thats kinda hard to explain, as the UI is a part of my DirectX wrapper.
But if you want to make an UI that works, the bedst advice i can give, is to make everything your self.
Simply make the controls as you would make them for a normal window interface, start of with a base Control class that takes care of the stuff, that all controls uses, such as setting with, height etc.

As for my own:
ATI 9800 PRO, 128MB, P4 1800, 1GB ram

FPS 660 , in windowed mode and 32Bit color
FPS 800 , in fullscreen and 16Bit color
FPS 380 , if a window is fullscreen.

I also uploaded a sample of my 3D Engine, works fine on all cards, however GeForce cards has a z buffer problem, as i do not use a frustrum culling tree.
GeForce has simply been asleep, and ATI overtook them by miles


The terrain in the sample was made to be extreme, and im still working on the "FarView" part of the engine.
I used USGS DEM files of Mount Saint Helens for the height map and Landsat 7 Satellite Imagery for the terrain texture.

[edited by - Mythar on March 7, 2004 11:51:39 AM]

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