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Writing DLL ??

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Hi ya friends i am new to this forum and this is my first post. Actually i am intrested in topics related to system security and hacking .I have just began reading about it .I am also an engeering student (1st yr) .The problem i am facing is DLL i dont''t have any clear understanding about it an i think i must know what it is and how do we write and use DLL. ..YA i know little about it -(Dynamic Link Library ..called during the execution ...)Can somwone suggest me anything in this regard

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There are two ways of using .DLLs

- load-time dynamic linking
The DLL is loaded automatically and you only need to call its function exports.
If you want to write this kind of .DLL yourself, take a look at __declspec(dllimport) / __declspec(dllexport) in the MSDN.

- run-time dynamic linking
You have to load the .DLL yourself. Take a look at LoadLibrary(), GetProcAddress() in the MSDN.
If you want to write this kind of .DLL yourself it would be wise to include a .DEF file in your project where you declare the exports.

pink panther

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