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The Microphone Thread

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Just trying to get some opinions here. First off, this is not a "whats the best microphone?" kinda topic, there is no "best microphone". I just want to hear what kind of mics people use most often and for what. I''ll see if I can split into some categories here: Best Experiences I''ve had: Vocal Mics: Female - Rode NT2 Male - AKG C414 Guitar Amps: SM57 Others: Drum Overheads - Neumann KM184 So, list em off and say why you like em.

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I began with a bunch of cheap ones my dad had lying around the house (He''s one of those hardware buff''s with dozens of bits and pieces ). The first was a typically shaped mic (Long and thin, oh er), but of poor quality - though naturally I didn''t know then. I then get a much smaller one, yet of better quality. At that time I was just using Goldwave and acting out roles for a StarCraft campaign of mine.
Over the years, I played about with Cool Edit and Sound Forge and, finally, I decided to get a Shure SM58 since I was quite serious into voice acting, or at least getting my recordings to sound greater. So I got that and found the jacks to let me plug it into my PC up until today. I''ve heard a very many people - especially here - always recommending even more expensive mic''s and amplifiers, but I''m very happy with my SM58.

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