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Effect in 2D/3D ?

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Hi, I''m starting new, got a ew newbie question I would like to ask. Ok.. First thing first.. 1. Special effect in 3D, like the one in WarCraft3, a hero can shoot thunder to zap the enemy. The question: is the thunder some kind of sprite as well? Any idea how to create such effect? 2. How about 2D game? Can the same thunder effect be created with sprite? Or is there better wasy to created such effect with other mean of method? 3. When a projectile hit an enemy it produce some kind of "shock wave", again the "shock wave" is normally frames of sprites? 4. Special Effects Game Programming with DirextX is kind of too expensive for me, is there any good tutorial site which I can brows? I''ve checked out the "Special Effect" section in GameDev already, not very helpful. I''ve been google all day and no joy. 5. I''v been trying out the ORGE engine, so far still following the very limited tutorial on their site. Was wonder is this engine is suitable to top down game style? Something like the RTS? Thanks guys for answering all these

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1. Lightning balls (like the one shot by lightning orbs) are sprites. Lightning bolts are triangle strips textured with a "lightning" texture and attached to the caster and the target.

2. This particular effect cannot be done using standard sprite engines, although if you''re using a 3D api for your 2D rendering you will be able to do it.
However, games like Red Alert, Red Alert 2, or Nox had this kind of effects, but if I remember correctly it was something done per-pixel by drawing lines of different colors in a zigzagging fashion between target and caster.

3. There are many ways to create shockwaves. Starcraft did it with sprites, Warcraft3 and UT2k3 did it with both sprites and models, Final Fantasy X did it with sprites, models and pixel shaders.

4. Sorry... I''ve always relied on my own inventivity. You can also use any available editing tools for your favorite games to learn a bit more about the special effects.

5. Not the smallest idea, I''ve never used OGRE, but from what I heard it''s pretty versatile.

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Thanks for the info

Some one told me that all these effect can be create with some kind of partical engine, is that true?

By the way if I''m using OGRE engine, creatin such effect would be the same if I were to write my own 3D Engine? I mean is there a build in facilities which I can use within OGRE to create such effect?

Thank you.

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