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Obsessive-compulsive wheel re-engineering

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Does anybody else do this too much? I seem to have a "distaste" for simply getting somebody elses code and throwing it into my app(adding credit where its due, ofcourse). Also, if I write a library, say, a GUI system.. I''ll be learning quite a bit as I''m doing it, and think "hey, that bit sucks, I could have done it so much better if...", and promptly begin on a newer version. This wouldn''t be so bad if the version I was working on got to about 80/90% completion. Its driving me insane! A project ends up becoming a dozen side projects such as a GUI system I''m going to re-write in a month, a map editor which will probably not contain the functionality required in my next to-be-doomed project. Gahh..I''m sure I can''t be the only one, can I? .:Cubicle2:.
Yep, you''re the only one.

...well, apart from all of the rest of us. I know I sure do that, although I usually finish the libraries and then get bored and not write the game, instead of just iterating on the libraries.

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Are you sure you actually want to make games then? Or instead just be that guy in the corner that codes whatever the hell is handed to him? You can be that guy, or you can be the guy with the vision that hands other people bits to code.

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