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re trouble (edit: found problem)

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I'm trying to match the timestamp in the parenthesis of the following line and regular expression (Python code):
line="Screenname (7:56:56 PM): hey"
time=re.match(r"\(\w+\)", line).group() #wtf
It isn't returning any matches. Anynone see whats wrong with my re? Edit: fixed it. I was using re.match instead of [edited by - thedustbustr on March 7, 2004 10:36:35 AM]

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In Perl, and I assume it works the same in Python, \w means [0-9a-zA-Z_], but neither '':'' not '' '' is a part of that set and the timestamp includes those characters. To match everything inside the parenthesis, use something like this instead.


Not tried it, but the ideas is to match any character not equal to a closing paremthesis.

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That seems like it should work, but it''s not producing any matches. Here''s my entire function, in case thats the problem:
line="Screenname (7:56:56 PM): hey"
#time=re.match(r"\(\w+\)", line)
#time=re.match(r"\(.+\)", line)
time=re.match(r"\([^\)]+\)", line)
if time!=None:
else: print "no match"
sn=string.split(line, "(", 1)[0]
msg=string.split(line, ":", 3)[3]
print "TIME:%s\tSN:%s\tMSG:%s"%(time, sn, msg),

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