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Is it possible to develop a game engine with people overseas?

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i''m a chinese in China. a canadian game studio need some programmers to make a game engine, their project leader found me & asked me whether i can do some help. i really want to help them. so, is it possible for us to develop an engine while our communication ONLY relies on the internet? i''m afraid that will make a lot of trouble.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
It can be done, but as you say it will be difficult. What could be handled by a 5 minute conversation will have to be fully documented instead.

I''ve worked on projects where I didn''t meet the people I worked with till after the project shipped. I''ve worked on other projects where there were multiple teams spread across the country. It isn''t an ideal situation, but it can be done. But like I said before, EVERYTHING MUST BE WRITTEN DOWN to have a chance of suceeding. Everything.

Now, having said that, everything should be written down even if you are working with a team in the same room.

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Remote development IS possible, but it requires a lot more discipline. If this is your first job, and/or it''s a non-profit job, you may find that mutual enthusiasm and control breaks down halfway.

We''ve done commercial projects trans-pacific before, so it IS possible. Some things to look out for:

1. Frequent milestones
2. Weekly reviews (we do these as teleconferences, but you should be able to get most of the benefits through an ICQ-conference).
3. Maintaining high professionalism (in documentation/standards, internal build processes and respectful treatment of your partners.)
4. Do at least weekly builds, with targets for what''s going into the next 2-3 builds.

We''ve been amazingly lucky with the people we work with, but it does prove that it''s possible.

Good luck,

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