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From line 149 to line 146 without goto!

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I wrote this code:
146: VirtualPtr  p1;
147: VirtualPtr  p2;
149: p1 = v.getMemory  ();
150: p2 = v.getMemory  ();
When I step-debug (step) it, it jumps from the line 149 back to the 146. Anyone knows what is it supposed to mean? It''s compiled using g++ 3.2.2 and debugged using gdb. Oxyd --- - Unreadable code is code written on a piece of paper, but not the one, in which the programmer is using a space in the place you don''t. - Real programmers aren''t afraid of goto

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I don''t know for sure how GCC optimizes, but in this case I believe the compiler realized your code was creating a var and then initializing it later without using it anywhere before initialization.

Then it just combined the declaration with initialization, realizing there would be no repercussions.

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