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crashing with MSG_PEEK

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Whenever I use the MSG_PEEK flag things crash, but leaving it out leads to no problems . Can anyone help me out with this?
char data[1];
sockaddr_in from;
int fromsize = sizeof(from);
int numbytes = recvfrom(receiveSocket,data,1,MSG_PEEK,(sockaddr*)&from,&fromsize); 
I''m just trying to get the number of bytes that are in the packet that was sent.

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Using MSG_PEEK will attempt to copy the message to your supplied buffer while also leaving it in the OS packet buffer for the next call to recvfrom(). I doubt that your packets will fit inside the 1-byte buffer you specified. It should give an error but not crash.

It would probably be easier to just have a max packet size and avoid MSG_PEEK alltogether. You might waste a few bytes but its unlikely you need to keep a large amount of unprocessed packets lying around. Any packet larger than your max packet can be safely discarded since you know its not valid for your app.

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The only thing I''m worried about is that my program might not send anything larger than the maximum size, but someone elses might...

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