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DSound buffers

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I am writing a sound engine for my game, but before I get too deep into it, I would like to know a couple things about the whole DX com interface. The question that just crossed my mind was about the buffers and the device, if releasing the DSound defice, does it automatically release all the buffers? or do i need to make a buffer tracker? a really noob question, but without knowing the answer, i would be pretty much screwed caesar
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Can''t answer your question but my suspicions are that the results are not guaranteed. I always release the object when no longer needed just for efficieny of resources. But that part you are already familiar with.

Good luck finding any sound gurus out there; they are far and few between. You should probably have phrased your question using screen buffers in DirectX. You would get many more people looking at the subject and the answer is likely to be the same for both interfaces.


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