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MFC OnIdle

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Quick question- I''ve got my MFC message loop pretty well bypassed so I can drive my GL at a good framerate, while still doing idle processing. Taking a look at professional level editors however, tells me that their loop continues in some form when you pull down a menu. That is, unit animations etc still continue, though at a worse fps than when a menu is not pulled down. Anyone have any insight as to what happens to MFC processing when you pull down a menu? Is there a way to keep the main loop alive (in the Run method of my main class) while menus are down/dialogs are open? Or am I terribly mistaken and their unit animations are not tied to the main loop at all, but done from some separate thread?

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I have no idea about what you are asking, but I would liek to ask you - how did you have your Mesage loop/OnIdle bypassed?

i''m struggling with frame rate issue sand woudl like any help I can get


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