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Roam 2.0 Terrain Rendering (Full Source)

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Hey all ok... the title may be a tad misleading but heck I need help This is a project based of the ROAM 2.0 terrain system and Trent Polacks work. It was converted across to DirectX 9 (Summer Update). The problem is with the conversion came several problems, mainly the fact that alot of cracking has resulted. Im not really sure why it has occured and have been looking at it for over 3 days now. So if possible could you guys have a look at: http://www.fallenarmies.com/Roam2.zip The full project is there, if you have any suggestions for why it might be causing the heavy cracking it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Ronan

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It definetly looks like your frustum and culling process is messing up badly somewhere, since sometimes the triangles display, and sometimes they just don''t. I''m sure you have already went over these functions, though.

Perhaps, look at the actual view frustum generation itself, and make sure your view frustum is correct. Then, I''d check the UpdateCull() method, which does the actual triangle culling.

I hope this helps you out a little bit

Dustin Franklin
Mircrosoft DirectX MVP

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