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Code Mole

lightwave 7.0 object to display in DirectX 9

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I''m wondering if anyone can help me get started on how to take a light wave 7.0 object and get it to display in my game using DirectX 9. I''ve been programming in DirectX 9 since last summer and I have that down, my main question is how to be able to read a light wave file (as in, read it in notepad) so I can set up vertices and textures in DirectX 9. the light wave objects are very simple 3d models for the background of my game. I''ve been trying to find a plug in that will export and save the object files in a easy to read txt file so I can just read in that data using my file I/O system. So if anyone knows of a plug in like this or if anyone knows a web site with documentation on light wave (.lwo) files (so I can write a program that will parse thru all the data and save the vertex, texture, ect.. that i do need in a txt format) I would greatly be in your debt. ~code mole~

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