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hard problem concerning rendering into backbuffer

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i''m currently on a game engine which allows doing windowing (like you are used to from windumb). for this purpose i use two kinds of windows: a render window which uses opengl (it''s exchangable, can be dx too, but for linux i need ogl in first place) and works fine and conventional windows where you can draw simple stuff like lines, rectangles and blit bitmaps into it (to allow nifty onscreen windows and stuff). the problem: i can''t render using xlib functions (like XDrawLine) into the backbuffer to draw this window. i always end up in the visible frontbuffer which leads to flickering like hell (sure, it''s over-swapped each frame). anybody knows how i can use common Xlib functions to draw into the backbuffer? i know in DX you can do this but how about OGL and linux? Roland Plüss (The Dragon) =- Turn Imagination Into Reality -=

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no ideas?

or can i use those GLPixMaps for rendering using Xlib functions?
like i said... only primitive drawing, text output and bitmap drawing i need in there, not the big thing.

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