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Lighting colour changes when camera changes

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Hello all, got a weird little "bug" going on at the moment. If I change the orientation of my camera, the apparent colour of the lighting changes. I have normals generated in the same way that I would for Direct3D and are static, one for each vertex on the display list. I then have a single light configured as so:
float[] fAmbient 	= 	{ 0.0f, 	0.0f, 		0.0f, 		1.0f };	//dark grey
float[] fDiffuse 	= 	{ 0.25f, 	0.5f, 		1.0f, 		1.0f };	//mid-blue
//float[] fDirection 	= 	{ 0.0f, 	-1.0f, 		0.0f, 		0.0f }; //down light
float[] fDirection 	= 	{ 0.578f, 	-0.578f, 		0.578f, 		0.0f }; //down diagonal

//normalize the direction
float fLen = (float)Math.sqrt( (double)( fDirection[0] * fDirection[0] + fDirection[1] * fDirection[1] + fDirection[2] * fDirection[2] ) );
fDirection[0] /= fLen;
fDirection[1] /= fLen;
fDirection[2] /= fLen;

//set the parameters
gl.glLightfv( GL_LIGHT1, GL_AMBIENT, fAmbient );
gl.glLightfv( GL_LIGHT1, GL_DIFFUSE, fDiffuse );
gl.glLightfv( GL_LIGHT1, GL_POSITION, fDirection );
gl.glEnable( GL_LIGHT1 );
gl.glEnable( GL_LIGHTING );
I''m using an OpenGl->Java wrapper, because rules of the game dictate I have to use Java I''m fairly new to OpenGL (C++/D3D is my hometown!). I''ve read as much about lighting as I can, and I can''t see where my code is different enough to warrant such random results.. any help is greatly appreciated, Jack

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Check that your matrixmode set to GL_MODELVIEW when you specify your camera transform.

cheers for the idea, but it doesn''t seem to make any difference

I have (is psuedo code) the following:

Matrix Mode ( Projection )
Load Identity
gluPerspective( ... )
Configure Lighting //the code from above
Matrix Mode ( ModelView )
Load Identity

glClear( Color | Depth )
Matrix Mode( ModelView )
gluLookAt( ... )
RenderAllTerrain( )

is there anything obviously wrong with that structure. It''s a fairly simple 3D engine - nothing too fancy, no special features (no textures even!!); as such there''s not a lot of OpenGL code to get wrong


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