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Controls suggestions for an arcade game

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i have been working on a 3d arcade game similar to the old "Fire Fight" ( game.. now in that game the main spaceship rotates to the left or right when u pres the left or right key and u can use the up and down to accelerate and decelerate. in my game the cam will always be behind the spaceships and also i dont want to just rotate when i press my left and right keys, the spaceship takes a curvy route when u press left or the right, so it has to have an acceleration when it turns around. this seems to cause problems when u just wanna move to the side and shoot. i''ll have to make weird curvy turns just to move to the left or right side.. other thing i thought was, use arrow keys to move the spaceship in their respective directions and use the mouse to rotate and shoot. i am not quite sure if this is a good solution, seems a little bit complicated.. du guys have any suggestions? thanks

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