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Network Congestion?

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I am working on a network game for a project using UDP socket at school. We are just getting the ground work started and we have run into a small problem. I can get a client to connect to the server and they send packets back and forth for a while, but then I *think* the server gets congested or something b/c after a while, when the server tries to call WSASendTO(), it gives this error: WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL (I believe it means - Cannot assign requested address). My question is should I wait a certain amount of time between every send for both the client and server to stop congestion, or is there another solution. I tried even waiting 200ms on both sides between every send (which made it much slower), but I still got the error. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Scott [edited by - scottdewald on March 19, 2004 10:15:18 PM]

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