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HISS - Heightfield Image Simple Script

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I guess I do have a question to add to this post:

What functions/filters should I provide in the script?

Here is what it has so far:


PERLIN [octaves] [freq] [amplitude] [seed]
SPOT [cx] [cy] [factor] [rate] [exp_falloff]


POW [x]
raise all values to the X Power
multiply all values by X
add X to all values
CLIP [l] [h]
clip all values to extremes L and H
SETL [f] [v]
set all values less than F to V
SETM [f] [v]
set all values more than F to V
FILL [x]
set all values to X
NEW [name] [x] [y]
create a new float set named NAME, X wide and Y high
SELECT [name]
select float set NAME (all operations are performed on selected float set)
>PGM [name]
output data as a portable grey map
>TXT [name]
dump a text list of values from the float array to a text file
>PFA -name-
output data as a portable float array (PFA32).
*[func] ...
multiply function across float array
+[func] ...
add function across float array
$[varname] [v]
assign value V to variable VARNAME.

[i]opens a new loop

FOREACH [inc] [start] [stop]
closes a loop which is then done with #loop equal to START, adding INC every loop ending when #loop >= STOP.

1.) all variables must be defined outside loops.
2.) variables can be expanded as parameters using $ or # prefix.
$ prefix creates a float from the variable, and the # prefix creates an integer from the variable (all variables are stored as floats).

[edited by - Ranger_One on March 21, 2004 10:19:05 AM]

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