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DirectShow 9.0 GraphBuilder->RenderFile() Exception

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I''m getting a integer divide by zero hardware exception when trying to render a .mov file in my directshow 9.0 application. MSDN states that DirectShow 9.0 is only able to render up to version 2.0 .mov files. The file I''m trying to render is newer than that and I want the program to tell the user that the file can''t be rendered and then continue execution. I wrote this code which does work:
					_try {
						pGraph->RenderFile(szWBuf, 0);
					_except(GetExceptionCode() == STATUS_INTEGER_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO) {
						GetWindowRect(g_hwndVideo, &rect);
						MoveWindow(g_hwndVideo, rect.left,, 400, 175, true);
						MessageBox(g_hwndVideo, "File could not be rendered!", g_szAppTitle, MB_OK | MB_ICONERROR);
However I don''t see any logic in checking for a integer divide by zero and I''m wondering if there''s any other way to tell if a file can be rendered or not? All my HRESULT checks fail to detect any error before it''s too late. Thanks in advance.

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