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How can I convert a Virtual Key code into a ASCII Code in C++

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I''m using Direct X, and I want to be able to emulate a gets() function. But when I get the WM_KEYDOWN message, it gives me the key pressed as a virtual key, and the char variable type stores it as an ascii code. I figure I need to convert from virtual key to ascii. If anyone knows of a better way to do this, share! Thanks

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The wParam variable in the WndProc function converts directly into the correct character.

case WM_CHAR:
// if its a letter (uppercase or lower)

if((wParam > 64 && wParam < 91) || (wParam > 96 && wParam < 123))
// Then set CurrentKeyDown to wParam

char CurrentKeyDown = wParam;
return 0;

I use DirectX 8.1 and C++ (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional edition)

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