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Hello, Let me first introduce myself, my name is Veldin Vrabac. I am president of Intakt Games.Intakt was actually launched in April of 2003 as a retail publisher but the funding talks with several Venture Capital Firms were not suited for us so we were not able to launch anything.So, me and my parnters decided to go another route to bring great games that were turned down by other publishers or not even looked at.We are currently looking for Shareware and budget titles to put under our catalog.Our website is being designed and will be located at .All the titles will be sold through our own store not the other payment methods like kagi etc.I will post our submission guide, please follow this submission guide if possible, the more information about the game(s) we can get the better for us to make a selection. Please Send to Subject : Game Submission in following order Title: Genre: Developer: Description: Features: Schedule: Also in submission should be included Demo Link, Contact Info, Team Info. If you think you can somehow help us by partnering with us, we will be glad to take a look at any opportunities.If you need more information about us please contact us at Thank You Veldin Vrabac Intakt Games

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