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Mechwarrior Dark Age Turn Based Strategy

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I am looking to make a turn based strategy game based completely on the MW Dark Age Rulebook but i am not sure if i can do something. what would be the best way of going about making a map to where i can move "8in." in almost ANY direction.

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If you just stored your players''/monsters''/whatevers'' positions as floats or doubles, they could occupy (for all intents and purposes) any point in space. Then, when you had things move, instead of having them just able to move up/down/left/right or whatever, you could specify a two-element (or three-element, if you want the units to be able to hover above ground level at varying heights) vector of doubles specifying how far their moving in the X and Y (and possibly Z) directions.

Of course, this will make things like collision detection more difficult than a system where you''ve just got a grid of tiles which are or aren''t occupied by a unit.

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Hey! It''s always nice to run into another ''Mech-head!

A couple of things to consider:

One, you''ll need to determine what sort of scale you''re using. In other words, how many units is "8 inches" equivalent to in your coordinate system? If it''s a 3D game, then you''ll need to decide if the terrain affects how far you can move a unit too. I don''t recall if there are movement penalties for elevation changes in MW:DA. Also, if it''s 2D or 3D, you''ll need to have some simple pathfinding in place so that if the user tries to move a unit through impassible terrain it will be able to find the best path around it.

Secondly, I think, especially for a computer game, Classic BattleTech would make a much better system. Considering that the complexity of the game is the number one complaint from those who prefer MW:DA over CBT, a computerized version would eliminate that. Also, you can do so much more, and it''s much less open to "interpretation". The rules are more "concrete" and special cases are covered better. In short, I think it would be better suited to a computer version. But then, I''m biased against MW:DA anyway... ;-D I just don''t like it much at all...

I recommend that you look at the CBT Miniatures Rules book for ideas on hex-less play even if you want to stick with the MW:DA rules system. You might get lot''s of good ideas from that book that would be useful in a computer conversion.

Also, look at the MechWar3D site. They are doing a CBT game. The URL (in case you don''t have it) is: http://www.battletechmodproductions.com/mechwar3d/

Of course, you may feel that since they''re doing a CBT version already, you won''t want to go with CBT...

Just my $0.02! :-D


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