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question about 3dmaxsdk.

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I develop a export plugin use 3dmax5.0 sdk. I use pmesh->tVerts.x pmesh->tVerts[i].y for texturecoordinate u,v. but i find a sample code,it looks like StdUVGen *uv; ... uv->GetUVTransform( uvtrans ); uvtrans_row0 = uvtrans.GetRow(0); uvtrans_row1 = uvtrans.GetRow(1); uvtrans_row3 = uvtrans.GetRow(3); float tu = *ptu * uvtrans_row0.x + *ptv * uvtrans_row1.x + uvtrans_row3.x; float tv = *ptu * uvtrans_row0.y + *ptv * uvtrans_row1.y + uvtrans_row3.y; u = tu; v = 1 - tv; save(u,v); i don''t know why it multiply this transform matrix instead of use pMesh->t[] directly,i hope someone explain for me. tanks a lot.sorry for my bad english.

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