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Stuck on combat system...

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Sansui    122
Well my current combat system for my Pokemonish game is just like pokemon atm and im not sure i like that method too much. Here is an alpha picture. right now the models have one animation which isnt too good. Also they just take turns according to speed I dont want this method but I dont know how to do it anyother way. Secondly i dont want just a you hit for x damage they hit for X damage. Any Ideas on spiceing the combat up? [edited by - Sansui on March 23, 2004 4:38:08 PM]

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leiavoia    960
a few things i thought of for my game:

accuracy vs. evade: creates a "to-hit" calculation. At a low enough difference, say 1:2, you miss the shot. At 1:1, you do regular damage. At 2:1, you do a "critical hit"

specials: specials that effect status or give bonuses, +5 Something, or Frozen for 2 seconds/turns, etc. possibilities are endless.

multiple players: not sure about your game, but if multiple entities are in the combat, they can play off each other, doing combos, protectings each other, switching sides, capturing, defecting, mind control, etc.

Attack types: in Final Fantasy terms, we''re talking Ice, Fire, Water, Lightning, etc.

Defense Types: same as above. Certain attacks work against certain other defenses.

Time Delay: Do massive damage later, or a little now. "charging" the hit.

Multiple hits: many small hits or one big (stronger) one.

Terrain: home turf, terrain favors certain charactors/unit types inherently (ants + grass = good. ants + toxic wasteland = bad), elevation of one side over the other, area of influence, location to friendly bases (if any such thing exists).

Death Throw: if under X% HP, certain chance to throw "super critical hit"

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Dakar    182
Active Battle Mode- Speed determines how fast your activity bar recharges. At full, you can attack (Kinda like Chrono Trigger).

Movement- At father distances, you gain a evation and lose accuracy. This could also lead to adding a range to weapons, so your bite does not travel 20 yards.

Status Effects- Berserking, Confusion, Intimidation, etc.

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