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sound in MIDP1.0??

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hi i want to develop a gaming engine, i have decided to use MIDP 1.0 for this instead of MIDP 2.0. i want to implement those classes myself which MIDP 2.0 provides us like SPRITE,TILED LAYER , PLAYER and other classes which relates to Sound and graphics. plz tell me that can i implement these classes on my own, i have done little work in J2ME before and i have no idea how i CAN i implement classes like "PLAYER", "PLAYER LISTNER" which are for sound, AND if there was no support for sound in MIDP 1.0 then how the games built on MIDP 1.0 have sound support, did their sound was mobile specific, was there no cross compability across different mobiles. bye

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There''s no native sound support in J2ME 1.0. However, various manufacturers have addon APIs that support sound. For instance, the Nokias have the com.nokia.mid.sound package.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Also check out JSR135 extension to MIDP1.0

Some phones support theses extensions, and (should) be upwards compatible to MIDP2.0

Other than that, it''s device specific extensions for sound implementation.
Also be wary of limitations the manufacturers may have built into the phones.
For example, Nokia series 40 phones do not allow java to access any of the sound capabilities of the phone except for the most basic, monophonic bytecode ringtones.
(which don''t really work on the emulators, BTW)

It is a world of pain.

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