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modelling a drivetrain

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Hi, I would like to improve my drivetrain model. It should include a engine, a clutch, a gearbox, a differential (3 for 4WD), and 2 wheels (4 for 4WD). The available data so far: - engine: torque characteristics, friction torque characteristics, current rpm, inertia; - clutch: torque generated by friction in it; - gerabox: ratioes, friction torque; - differential: final ratio, torque bias (for 4WD middle diff.), perhaps friction torque; - each wheel: angular velocity, radius, braking torque, torque of traction, inertia, rolling resistance torque; So this is a mechanical system with inertias, torques, angular velocities. Nothing else. I would like to have an acceptable model including the braking effect of the engine. The clutch is the most interesting for me. My current model does not include it. I would like to make the clutch automatic somehow. So how can I describe the rotation of the system with Newton''s laws? I know tha these. The most important is F=m*a, T=I*A, I just cannot apply them in this case Any idea, working solution, equation, good link is appreciated. Thanks in advance

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