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Scrabble game: Player's input

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Argh.. this is getting frustrated. I fix one problem, another one appears. I am now having trouble on how to take in the user''s input in a game of Scrabble. I am a beginner in C programming language. Consider the first player already went, and placed down his word:

This word was entered by asking the user for a proper location and the FULL WORD that he wants to make.

Now the next player''s turn.

How should I get his input? If I get in terms of location and letters, I can make a new word like this

[CODE]R A I D S[/CODE] (just adding the letter S at location (0,4) for this case)

or like this with location of (1,1) [CODE]R A I D
  S [/CODE]

But what if the user wants a word like this:


then you are not just adding letters to preexisiting words but also adding letter(s) before and after. I looked into entering the whole word and the location but that won''t work, if you want to make multiple words using your letters. 

I hope you guys understand what I am trying to say. Plz ask for any clarification as required.


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