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Strange C++ problem

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Hey all, I was doing a regular programming,I tried to compile and he pointed to a problem in one of my headers files.I looked for hour trying to figure what''s the problem, but I couldn''t find it. code: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #ifndef __HARVESTER_H_INCLUDED__ #define __HARVESTER_H_INCLUDED__ #include "irrlicht.h" #include "Cmain.h" ISceneNode* harvesternode = 0; IAnimatedMesh* harvester = 0; void loadharvester() { harvester = smgr->getMesh("Data/hunter.3ds"); harvesternode = smgr->addAnimatedMeshSceneNode(harvester); if (harvesternode) { harvesternode->setMaterialFlag(EMF_LIGHTING, false); harvesternode->setPosition(vector3df(24100,798,-8205)); } }; #endif -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the error: c:\program files\irrlicht\the scout\harvester.h(7) : error C2146: syntax error : missing '';'' before identifier ''ISceneNode'' c:\program files\irrlicht\the scout\harvester.h(7) : fatal error C1004: unexpected end of file found Why do I need to put ";"? Thanks

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Look at the end of your function, you have a ; at the end of the function definition... try removing that first.

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Tried all you said, nothing goes.
Here is my Cmain:

#ifndef __CMAIN_H_INCLUDED__
#define __CMAIN_H_INCLUDED__

#include <irrlicht.h>
#include <wchar.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <conio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <fstream.h>
#include <hejka.h>
#include <harvester.h>

using namespace irr;
using namespace core;
using namespace scene;
using namespace video;
using namespace io;
using namespace gui;

const wchar_t edit[2]=L"/";
const wchar_t inputedit=0;
const int key=0;
bool consoleon = false;
int fps;

IVideoDriver* driver;
ISceneManager* smgr;
IGUIEnvironment* guienv;
ICameraSceneNode* camera = 0;
IrrlichtDevice *dvc;
ISceneNode* skyboxnode=0;
IGUIWindow* console=0;
IGUIEditBox* consoleedit=0;
position2d mouseconsole(0,0);
s32 id;
ISceneNode* uk7node = 0;
IAnimatedMesh* uk7 = 0;
ISceneNode* firebirdnode = 0;
IAnimatedMesh* firebird = 0;

IGUIImage* mainm=0;
IGUIImage* newgamebutton=0;
IGUIImage* optionsbutton=0;
IGUIImage* missionsbutton=0;
IGUIImage* creditsbutton=0;
IGUIImage* quitbutton=0;


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Ok, it''s a guess: this worked once for me when I had a similar problem:

- create a new file
- write (not copy/paste) the code of "harvester.h" to that new file
- delete the old "harvester.h"
- rename your new file to "harvester.h"

Why this may work: It is possible that you got a command character into your textfile which is not recognized by your editor but which IS recognize by the compiler (that''s why you should NOT copy/paste). -> that would explain the second compiler error message.

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