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How do you find how much of an increase with the total product, say the volume of a cube, become if you increase/decrease certain dimensions? I know how to do it if you add/subtract a length, just put it into binomial form and multiply it out subtracting the original. How do you do this with multiplication? I''m writing a trivia program which more focuses on math and just random questions that nobody should know!
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Let l,m,n be the scale factor applied to x,y,z so

new x = lx
new y = my
new z = nz

then new volume = lx*my*nz
so change of volume is lx*my*nz - x*y*z i.e. lmn - 1 times the original volume (increase).

So doubling all lengths gives 8-1 = 7 original increase, which is correct because 2*2*2 = 8 = 7+1

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