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Killtex in HLSL?

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Hi, I know that the HLSL equavalent is clip() , However I have no idea on how to use this and I cannot seem to find any references to this anywhere. I would realy appreciate if anyone can help me on this. I''m trying to render out two views (for reflections and refractions) for a water shader and the geometries below and above the water needs to be cliped. I know that I some how need to pass in a plane equation to this but how? Realy would appreciate if anyone can prove a little sample code i.e. the vertex shader output that is required and the PS shader syntax. Thanks!

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struct VS_OUTPUT
float3 Clip : TEXCOORDn;



Out.Clip.x = 1.0f;
Out.Clip.y = TerrainHeight;
Out.Clip.z = 1.0f;


return Out;

float4 PSMain( VS_OUTPUT In ) : COLOR0
clip( In.Clip );


Hope this helps.

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