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More file reading problems

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Ok, I have an array of ints called s_Type[10] And I have the following function that reads data in from a text file:
int CLevel::InitLevel(char *dir)
	char filename[255];		// The filename

	char buffer[255];			// Buffer	

	FILE * fp;						// The file

  sprintf(filename, "%s/leveldata", dir);		// Load the filename into a string

	// Try to open the file

  if((fp=fopen(filename, "rb")) == NULL)
		// If the file could not be opened, print an error message

    printf("ERROR opening file %s\n\n", filename);
    return 1;

	// Get the first line of the file to set the current level

	fgets(buffer, 255, fp);
	sscanf(buffer, "LEVEL: %d", &m_LevelData.s_Level);
    fgets(buffer, 255, fp);
    if(buffer[0] != '#' && buffer[0] != '\r' && buffer[0] != '\0' && buffer[0] != '\n' && strlen(buffer) != 0)
			sscanf(buffer, "NEXT LEVEL: %s",	&m_LevelData.s_NextLevel);
			sscanf(buffer, "DISTANCE: %d",		&m_LevelData.s_Distance);
			sscanf(buffer, "BOSS: %s %d",			&m_LevelData.s_Boss, &m_LevelData.s_BossHP);
			sscanf(buffer, "SCENE: %s",				&m_LevelData.s_Scene);
			sscanf(buffer, "SHIP: %s",				&m_LevelData.s_Ship);
			sscanf(buffer, "BULLET: %s",			&m_LevelData.s_Bullet);
			sscanf(buffer, "%s %d %d %d",     &m_LevelData.s_Enemy,

	return 0;
And this is my text file:

# Next level is the data path of the next level - duh! 
NEXT LEVEL: data/level_2

# Distance is how far the ship must travel until the boss is met

# Boss information goes here
# SYNTAX: directory, HP
BOSS: data/meteor		20

# Scene is pretty self explanatory
# NOTE: The bitmap must be 640x480 resolution or else it will be off. This will soon be fixed
SCENE: data/bg.bmp

# Ship and bullet are what the ship's image and it's bullet is
SHIP: data/ship
BULLET: data/bullet

# Enemy information here
# SYNTAX: enemy type (which enemy is it), HP, Speed,
data/enemy  1   3   4
data/enemy  2   4   5
How can I get it so that 1 and 2 are put in seperate parts in the s_Type array?
VG-Force | Ekim Gram Productions [edited by - Ekim_Gram on March 24, 2004 11:06:29 PM]

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Parse the file line by line and if an double entry is found it just creates a new item? I would stuff it all into a vector/list.


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