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Mesh Rotation problems

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Hi all, I am trying to rotate a mesh using quaternions. The mesh rotates to follow the way the camera is pointing.It works well apart from when the mesh rotates from 0 to <360 and from 360 to >0. Whenever this happens the mesh rotates all the way around again, instead of just rotating the short way. I'm sure its pretty easy to get around this but I just can't sort my head out over it. Any help much appreciated Code below. Cheers Drb2k2
VOID CMediumObjectDetails::CalculateMeshRotation(D3DXVECTOR3 CameraPosition)
	CameraPosition.z = CameraPosition.z - this->m_vCurrentPosition.z;
	CameraPosition.x = CameraPosition.x - this->m_vCurrentPosition.x;
	D3DXVECTOR3 TempMeshPos = this->m_vCurrentPosition;
	TempMeshPos.z = 0.0f;
	TempMeshPos.x = 0.0f; // = 0

	// get the vector of a position on the far side of mesh

	D3DXVec3Subtract(&Line, &TempMeshPos, &CameraPosition);
	D3DXVec3Add(&Line, &Line, &TempMeshPos);
	Line.y = 0;
	D3DXVECTOR3 LookingAt(0,0,-1);
	D3DXVec3Normalize(&LookingAt, &LookingAt);

	//check to see which direction to rotate in

	float dotproduct;
	dotproduct = D3DXVec3Dot(&Line, &LookingAt);

	//calculate angle in degrees

	dotproduct = (float)acos(dotproduct);
	dotproduct = D3DXToDegree(dotproduct);
	//convert to 360 degrees

	if(Cross.y >=0.0f)
		this->m_vRequiredRotation.y = 360.0f-dotproduct;
		this->m_vRequiredRotation.y =  dotproduct;

	// now see if any rotation needs to be done

	if(this->m_vRequiredRotation != this->m_vCurrentRotation)

		// now calculate the quaternion rotation

		D3DXQUATERNION Current,Required;
		Current.x = this->m_vCurrentRotation.x;
		Current.y = this->m_vCurrentRotation.y;
		Current.z = this->m_vCurrentRotation.z;
		Required.x = -this->m_vRequiredRotation.x;
		Required.y = -this->m_vRequiredRotation.y;
		Required.z = -this->m_vRequiredRotation.z;

		D3DXQuaternionSlerp(&Result, &Current, &Required, 0.5f);
			this->m_vCurrentRotation.x = Result.x;
			this->m_vCurrentRotation.y = Result.y;
			this->m_vCurrentRotation.z = Result.z;

[edited by - drb2k2 on March 25, 2004 10:20:56 AM]

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If you just want the values to stay between 360 just prevent them yourself...


This works since 10 is the same as 370 and -10 is the same as 360... So now your values willl stay between 0 - 360. Nice little code example too for smooth camera movement, hehe there is an easier way but it should work, just manually prevent the angles to stay between 0-360 and you should be ok...

Also when adding or subtracting vectors DX has the operators already predefined for that.

D3DXVECTOR3 Line = TempMeshPos - CameraPosition;
Will work the same.

Also this isn''t necessary at all. Just do the math.
Will always return LookingAt(0,0,-1);

So get this out.
D3DXVECTOR3 LookingAt(0,0,-1);
D3DXVec3Normalize(&LookingAt, &LookingAt);

Why not do this though, take both your camera rotation matrix, and your tempmesh rotation matrix and just turn those into quaternions? Maybe even make a class for camera followed objects to always have a member quaternion. Then all you gotta due is start updating it as it is camera followed.

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Hi jimmynelson,
thanks for the reply. Cheers for the tip regarding subtracting the vectors, I will make amends. I''m not sure that the angle ever goes above 360 degrees though. It just seems that slerp cannot do a rotation from around 0 -> around 360 and vice versa. I don''t know how to get around this since the slerp function is sadly over my head. Can slerp actuall do this calculation and therefore my code is wrong?

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