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Have you ever dreamed about being the game industry? Do you have talent in Modeling, Skinning, Coding, Photoshop, Animating models, or something else? Then this could be your big break. My name is Bryan Kircher. I lead a modification team, entitled Nova. We have been around for 2 years, in the Command and Conquer series. I''ve been planning and looking to jump into the FPS area for a long time, as it''s my main dream to make a FPS Modification. Currently my creation World War 3: Call to Arms for Command and Conquer: Generals has been featured in PC GAMER USA, PC GAMER UK, PCZONE, PC4WAR and a few others. Http://nova.deadlyfear.com Also we have modern warfare http://nova.deadlyfear.com/modernwarfare New Hope http://nova.deadlyfear.com/newhope/index.php and Energy Mod which has no site yet. I''m in the slow process of upgrading the whole nova, having each site have its own layout, and have the main site with news and such. I just recently created a modification entitled Dark Blood: Apocalypse Tomorrow. I''ve been planning this modification for about 2 1/2 months now. Writing down ideas, showing them to people, people stating what was wrong, me fixing it, and so on. I have all this put into one huge, Mod Manual. If you could please take the time and read it, just go here http://nova.deadlyfear.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1293 We even have some work done. We also have current models up. I have a lot more in works by the current modelers I have. So if you take time to read my mod manual you''ll see what I''m trying to achieve. I should have a layout up in about a week or two. It''s almost done, just underground fine tuning. Now what I wish to talk about is my sudden move to Far Cry. After choosing Half Life 2 to mod for, after someone from valve confirmed my idea was possible and were going help me any way they could, I saw that they wouldn''t even be releasing the game until September, at the earliest. I didn''t like that, as they kept putting off the release date. Then I saw Far Cry. A new game, someone no one knows about. Hardly any modifications yet, and this is why I choose to move my massive project to Far Cry and the amazing Cry Tek engine. I knew these men haven''t made a name for themselves and would try anything to help the modifications. Possibly even the next big thing, "Far Cry." And now far cry is getting noticed. Possibly the Half Life 2 Killer. With Far Cry confirming their next expansion pack will be a modification, this caused quite a stir. Then when Far Cry expressed they had a lot of interest in my modification, suddenly things change. Also I have a fine selection of staff. Project Leader - Bryan Kircher Project Co-Leader - Diesel2 Model(s) - Havoc89(freelancer), SoulHunter, Domingo''s Friend, Maimer, Barred Concept Art - Romulus Writer - Kenshi, General Veers Coder - Hakuryu Mappers - TheGargoyle, Nanarchy Director of Fist of Crimson Armory - Sasho Director of U.N. Armory - Domingo 3D Art - Doomy My composer has does classical work for orchestra''s and such and is very talented. Barred has worked for EDIOS Interactive, PC Gamer UK, PCZONE and a few other companies. Hakuryu is one of the top Coders for Tribes Vengeance. TheGargoyle has 2 of his maps featured in a few magazines for call of duty. Nanarchy work can be viewed here for call of duty http://maps.kektik.com.au/ which has been viewed in plenty of magazines and risen a lot of eyebrows. I currently run a team that has made FIVE magazine appearances. PC gamer USA and UK, PC ZONE, PC4War and a few others. No command and conquer: renegade modification team has made one single magazine appearance. Also here is some more what the engine can do http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=400102&f=273109392&m=204103103 I wish to offer you a chance of a lifetime. I currently have around 13 people wanting to model for my modification team, and many others dieing to get in. I have a professional that has worked as Vice President for NOKIA helping me organize my staff. I have my layouts ordered and such. This could be your one chance to join a modification team and possibly get in the gaming industry with your work. I have shown you facts. This could be your chance of a lifetime, to join a modification that could be doing sub contract work for Cry Tek in about a year. If you''re interested, you can forward all interest to bryan@neronnetwork.com or MSN me at bryan_420_2003@hotmail.com

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I believe this is called cross-posting...

Anyway, I''ll read it in a second...just, you know...to say that I read it.

"TV IS bad Meatwad...but we f***in need it"

If you''re a girl under the age of 12, and you''re high on marijuana...don''t ride your bike. -TRUTH

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