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STL, arrays, general crappiness

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I want to have a hash map, whose key is a character, and whose value is an array of characters (which I will actually use for small integers). 

By the way, I will hard-code the values for each array associated with each character, and all arrays will not be the same size.

I cant come up with the syntax to get it to work.

I tried declaring the hash like this:
hash_map<char, char*> theHash;

and just storing pointers to the array of characters.

but then I have to do something like this:

char *temp;
temp = new char[I need to know the size here!];
temp={4, 2, 6, 9, 23, 1, 5}; // syntax like this doesnt work!

I also tried declaring the hash like this:
hash_map<char, char[]> theHash;

,and actually storig the array in the hash, but I couldnt get that to work either.

Ideally, this is what I would like to be able to do: (but of course this syntax doesnt work) theHash['A'] = {3,4,2,6,22,9,21}; theHash['B'] = {1,4,6}; theHash['C'] = {7,5,3,2,1,5,6,7,4,2,1,54,3}; .. theHash['Z'] = {3,4,6,7,5,}; But I cant get anything I try to work. Also, I would like the final solution to be compact like that; I dont want to have to mess with 20 or so lines of code for each letter of the alphabet. I'll bake a caek for whoever can figure this mess out! [edited by - AndreTheGiant on March 25, 2004 11:38:33 PM]

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Would two lines of code per letter work for you?

stdext::hash_map<char, std::vector<char> > the_map;

char a_arr[] = {3,4,2,6,22,9,21};
the_map[''A''] = std::vector<char>(a_arr, a_arr + sizeof(a_arr));
char b_arr[] = {1,4,6};
the_map[''B''] = std::vector<char>(b_arr, b_arr + sizeof(b_arr));
char c_arr[] = {7,5,3,2,1,5,6,7,4,2,1,54,3};
the_map[''C''] = std::vector<char>(c_arr, c_arr + sizeof(c_arr));
// ...

char z_arr[] = {3,4,6,7,5,};
the_map[''Z''] = std::vector<char>(z_arr, z_arr + sizeof(z_arr));

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