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Hi There! Why doesn´t this code work in my code when it´s works perfectly in the directx wizards code? I can´t see any difference between my code and the wizards code. (I also have included the file #include "DMUtil.h") The problem is that the CreateSegmentFromResource function doens´t seem to find the sound file? I have looked at the address in the file szPath, and it´s right. Please, help me? If you have any clue... //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Name: InitAudio() // Desc: Initialize DirectX audio objects //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- HRESULT CMyD3DApplication::InitAudio( HWND hWnd ) { HRESULT hr; // Create the music manager class, used to create the sounds m_pMusicManager = new CMusicManager(); if( FAILED( hr = m_pMusicManager->Initialize( hWnd ) ) ) return DXTRACE_ERR( "m_pMusicManager->Initialize", hr ); // Instruct the music manager where to find the files // TODO: Set this to the media directory, or use resources TCHAR szPath[MAX_PATH]; GetCurrentDirectory( MAX_PATH, szPath ); m_pMusicManager->SetSearchDirectory( szPath ); // TODO: load the sounds from resources (or files) m_pMusicManager->CreateSegmentFromResource( &m_pBounceSound, _T("BOUNCE"), _T("WAVE") ); return S_OK; } /Have A Nice Day -Patrick

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