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D3DXCreateTextureFromFile dosn't return?

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I am trying to move the 6th tutorial at to Dx9. The original version in dx8 is quite ok, but I can't create Texture in my Dx9 version. URL: The case is: 1. The program compile very well, no warning. 2. When runing the program with texture file in the exe's path, D3DXCreateTextureFromFile dosn't return, and then the program crash. The debuger got the err message: [356] Direct3D9: (ERROR) :iSwapChain is out of range. What's that means? 3. When remove the texture file in the exe's path. Though there is no texture mapped on the cuboids, the program can runs quite well. 4. I even try the D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx function in case 2 & 3, things is the same. 5. I try the Device->CreateTexture() , It can create a empty Texture object. Some one can help me? [edited by - bentry on March 26, 2004 1:00:35 AM]

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