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Custom Source Filter to import Direct3D scenes

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Hi! I''ve been looking how to create a custom source filter to use my Direct3D scenes to create a stream of media samples in a DirectShow graph. In particular, I''ve been working on the "PushSource Source Filter" example in Pesce''s book, and on the three PushSource filters examples in the DirectX9 SDK: PushSourceBitmap, PushSourceBitmapSet and PushSourceDesktop. Now I understand the basics to write my custom source filter. I understand more or less every method I''ve to override. The problem comes when I want to override the CSourceStream::FillBuffer method to copy my Direct3D scene to the media sample. All the examples metioned above use "local data": - Pesce''s PushSource Source filter shows just a black sample with the number of the current frame in yellow. - PushSourceBitmap and PushSourceBitmapSet show bitmaps with a known path. - And finally PushSourceDesktop a Desktop capture (doing 5 captures per second). In the other hand, my source filter should work with "external dynamic" data, copying an offscreen rendered surface to the media sample. In my main file I store all my offscreen rendered Direct3D scenes into a surface array: LPDIRECT3DSURFACE9 m_pTextureSurface[NUM_SURFS]; How should I access these surfaces from my source filter''s code? Using extern with a pointer to the current surface this way? extern LPDIRECT3DSURFACE9 currentSurface; And then I''ll have to convert it into a bitmap to fill the media sample, correct? I understand one of my source filters will only create the media stream for one of my offscreen rendered surfaces. Is this a correct approach? Thanks again

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