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Screen Savers and XP

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Hello all, I''ve run into a rather annoying little problem under Windows XP (see my earlier thread). If the “On resume, display Welcome screen” option is checked on the Screen Saver tab of the Display Settings dialog, handling the WM_SYSCOMMAND message no longer prevents the screen saver from starting (unchecked it works, checked it doesn’t). This makes sense from a security standpoint; screen savers these days are more a means of locking down an idle network terminal than they are a method of preventing phosphorus burn. This behavior may also occur on Windows 2000 but I haven’t a copy to test with. The problem now, of course, is that there isn’t an attractive means of preventing the screen saver from starting in the middle of a game that uses input devices other than the keyboard or mouse. I could use SystemParametersInfo() to turn off the screen saver but if the application is terminated via CTRL_ALT_DEL or if it crashes, the screen saver is left turned off. Besides, by doing this I’m actually undermining the user’s security settings. Not very polite. And I suspect that if the machine is properly secured (via policies) the call to SystemParametersInfo() will fail. I suppose mine isn’t one question but three. It’s my understanding that Direct Input does not use joystick input to indicate user activity like the mouse and keyboard do in the typical Windows input model. I know this used to be true. Is it still? Is there a way to programmatically indicate user activity? I suspect not, at least not at the user API level, since it would defeat the new behavior of WM_SYSCOMMAND message. Any suggestions on what else I might try?

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