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Code to Create Graphics Application

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Hello to All, How do I create an application using opengl and C that does the following. An applictaion that allows the user to draw images using primitive objects and animate them. The application should present the user with a static primitive object menu,a drawing area and a transformations menu(can be static or popup). The Primitive objects menu should include the following options: Line, Circle, Ellipse, Arc, Box(Rectangle).After the user selects an option from this menu then the user should be prompted to enter the relevant data needed to draw the selected opject.E.G if the user selects a line from the menu then user should then be be asked to enter two coordinates for the starting point and two coordinates for the ending point.After user enters the data the line is drawn on the screen in the drawing area. The Transformation Menu: the user should be allowed to select and object and then select a transformation from the transformation menu.This menu should include the following options: Translate Rotate Scale Shear(x and y) Reflect Save Image Retrieve Image Exit Transformations should be done in several increments and not one big step and should be performed using the Normalized Homogenous Coordinate sysetem. Thanks A Million

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how about you do this:

check out some tutorials:, its and amazing device.

then, when run into a specific problem, you can come back
and get some actual posts, that contain actual solutions!

and yes, im supposed to sound synical, most due to the fact that
your post is a waste of GD.Net''s Bandwith & Storage space.

sorry if that sounded harsh.

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This is a very detailed requirement, much as one might find on a College Program Specification Document.

Question:- why open GL? What you describe does not need that (or any other 3D) interface. When required to do this, I used multiple bitmaps and a linked list of coordinate arrays for each primitive.

Question:- why ask ''the user'' to enter coordinates for everything? A line can easily be specified with mouse-drag procedures. Look at how other programs let ''the user'' specify the dimensions of a primitive.

Question:- What exactly is your question? ''How do I create an application with the following specs?'' Start at the beginning, work through all the specifications, implement them in code and test them against the specifications. When complete, hand your work in to ''the user''. Simple as that.


Don''t follow me, I''m lost.

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