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static member functions using static member variables

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This is my scenario:
class CMyClass{
    static int var;
    static int GetVar();

int CMyClass::GetVar(){
    return var;
I get no compiler errors, but the linker complains "Undefined reference to ''CMyClass::var''". I simply dont get it.

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You''ll need to actually define your variable. At the moment, it is only declared. To define it, somewhere outside of your class, put int CMyClass::var; , or better, give it an initial value like int CMyClass::var = 0; Typically, assuming you have a .cpp file and a .h file, this line will go in the .cpp file. I typically put them at the top, before all the function declarations.

int Agony() { return *((int*)0); }    Mwahaha... >8)

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