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from Art to Game Design

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I am 3D artist who would like to become game designer, but I am not a programmer. My questions are: What kind of game is Syberia (by Microids – that was action adventure 3D game or something else?) What type of games is Darkstone (produced by dolphin software)? What type of games was Diablo? (prerendered isometric?) Since I am not a programmer what editors or game engines should I take in consideration and from where I can download samples? Finally, what could be the right way for someone to start Game designing with visual art background? Thank you very much for your attention ps For those interested in my work: www.igopavlov.com Igo

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Are you talking about designing games professionally? I''m not in the industry, but i think anyone who gets hired for a game project has a title. You get hired as a "3D artist", for instance, not a "whatever guy". That''s true of most industries. I''m a photographer. Photographers that can "do everything" don''t get hired because they have no defined specialty. And as someone else put it to me "if a company that sells couches needs pictures of couches for their catalogue, they aren''t going to hire some Jack of All Trades photographer. They''re going to hire the best darn couch photographer the can afford!"

My background is mostly visual arts and i got into computers a few years ago. I just picked up a book and starting learning C++. i''m doing pretty good, overall. But for me, it''s just an avid hobby.

As an artist with programming skills however, you can fill a rare nitche among programmers and be someone who can create a small/medium sized project on your own because you''ve got the knowledge and skill to do the whole job: design, art, programming.

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Well , in first place I think that u mean "Game Programmer" because "Game Designer" is a totally different thing.

Game Designer :

Produce level designs
produce complete characters profiles
Able to make Game Design documents
possess familiarity with 3D modeling and animation tools; have
understand the history and evolution of game design and technology. The game designer is the one who puts the ideas of a game , history, places, characters.

A game designer is a person who designs games. The term normally refers to a person who designs video or computer games, but it can also refer to one who designs traditional games, such as board games.
A video or computer game designer develops the layout, concept and gameplay: the game design of a video or computer game. They work for a video game publisher or developer. This person usually has a lot of writing experience and may even have a degree in writing or a related field (such as English).
This person''s primary job function is writing, so the more experience they have with the activity, the better. Some art and programming skills are also helpful for this job, but are not strictly necessary.

Game Programmer :

Firm understanding of programming concepts
knows about implementation of common programming APIs
ability to integrate multimedia content into the programming pipeline
knowledge and use of highly tuned problem solving skills
ability to use different programming languages and APIs
ability to write code in a team environment, including reading and using other people’s code
ability to learn new languages, toolsets and APIs quickly utilizing core programming concepts.

A game programmer is a software engineer who primarily develops computer or video games or related software (such as game tools). Game programming has many specialized disciplines; a practitioner of any may regard themself as a "game programmer."

Syberia ---> 3D Adventure Game
Diablo ----> Role-Playing Isometric game

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