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Frustum Culling

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Has any one got some really good culling code they would like to share? Ive been trying for ages to get mine working. Ive been working off the sdk example and for some reason nothing wants to draw when i cull test

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I''ve been having the same trouble. I can''t find anything that works properly. Check a couple pages back (pages 2-4) for one of my posts. It has my code for the frustum culling. I don''t know that it will help, but it should. It works somewhat for me. I just don''t have the correct function for checking spheres, boxes, etc. against the frustum planes.

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Ive extracted the planes properly but am having trouble checking if a box is inside outside or contains the frustum

Here's what i got

Ive got the frustum planes transformed into world space
And the 8 points of the containing box in world space

[edited by - kapru on March 27, 2004 11:44:20 PM]

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here''s the source to what im doing

//check if the 8 points are within the frustum

int cTerrainEngine::TerrainCullPatch(sTerrainPatch *p)
int PointsIn = 0;

for(int plane=0;plane<6;plane++)
int InCount = 8;
int PtIn = 1;
for(int i=0;i<8;i++)
//Check to see if the point is on the +ve side for the plane

float s = planeFrustum[plane].a*p->BoundingCube[i].x +
planeFrustum[plane].b*p->BoundingCube[i].y +
planeFrustum[plane].c*p->BoundingCube[i].x +
if s is over 0 the point is on the +ve side of the plane
if s is under 0 the point is on the -ve side of the plane
if s is 0 the point is on the plane

PtIn = 0;
if(InCount==0) return 0;
PointsIn +=InCount;
if(PointsIn==6) return 1;

return 2;//Probably an intersection


Extract the Frustum planes

cTerrainEngine::CreateTerrainFrustum(LPDIRECT3DDEVICE8 device)



D3DXMatrixMultiply( &mat, &matView, &matProj );
D3DXMatrixInverse( &mat, NULL, &mat );

planeFrustum[0].a = mat._14 + mat._11;
planeFrustum[0].b = mat._24 + mat._21;
planeFrustum[0].c = mat._34 + mat._31;
planeFrustum[0].d = mat._44 + mat._41;

planeFrustum[1].a = mat._14 - mat._11;
planeFrustum[1].b = mat._24 - mat._21;
planeFrustum[1].c = mat._34 - mat._31;
planeFrustum[1].d = mat._44 - mat._41;

planeFrustum[2].a = mat._14 - mat._12;
planeFrustum[2].b = mat._24 - mat._22;
planeFrustum[2].c = mat._34 - mat._32;
planeFrustum[2].d = mat._44 - mat._42;

planeFrustum[3].a = mat._14 + mat._12;
planeFrustum[3].b = mat._24 + mat._22;
planeFrustum[3].c = mat._34 + mat._32;
planeFrustum[3].d = mat._44 + mat._42;

planeFrustum[4].a = mat._13;
planeFrustum[4].b = mat._23;
planeFrustum[4].c = mat._33;
planeFrustum[4].d = mat._43;

planeFrustum[5].a = mat._14 - mat._13;
planeFrustum[5].b = mat._24 - mat._23;
planeFrustum[5].c = mat._34 - mat._33;
planeFrustum[5].d = mat._44 - mat._43;

for(int i=0;i<6;i++)

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maybe you should also add the world matrix and multiply it to the projection and view matrix, maybe than it works... (in my app it works then...)

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