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quick and easy octree question

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Hello all... I''m still working out how to get octrees working in my gameworld, and since I want to get it right the first time (or at least, functional without major bad designs), I figured questions are the best way to go. This time, the question is easy (I think...) What goes in the parent nodes of the octree? And the root for that matter. I know the root originally holds the entire game world, but it then gets split up to other nodes...so is the root them change to hold the min/max bounds of each of its children? The tutorials I''ve read say that the root/parents hold the polygons, but then you push the polygons down to the children nodes on different occasions...so what then goes in the parent? I think holding all the polys in that node would be a bit too redundant, since it''s all in the children already... So the other thing I could think of was to hold the boundaries for what lies beneath in its children nodes... That way, during frustum culling, is the frustum contains the parent node, it could them go down and see if the children are... And if the frustum doesn''t contain the parent, it wouldn''t have to check the children at all. Am I heading in the right direction? Any other ideas/implementations out there? Thanks!

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your last idea is bang on.

all nodes that arn''t leaf nodes (ie, they have children) should contain no objects/triangles/whatever. They should, however, keep track of the bounds of the child nodes, as to help fustrum checking and things like collision detection querys.

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