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odd stencil buffer problem - wont work on GeForce cards?

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hi, i have an app that uses the stencil buffer to reflect objects, and it works fine on my ATi-based machine. however, on my friend''s GeForce based machine, it wont go into hardware stencil mode, so i get < 1 fps he has just upgraded his gfx card from a GeForce 4200 to a 4800, and both cards behave the same way with my program. i know that my friend''s machine supports hardware stencil buffers as it runs NeHe''s stencil tutorial perfectly, so it is something in my code.. in my initialisation my pixel format descriptor is identical to the one NeHe uses for his stencil tutorial, and i am running the app in 32 bit colour mode. any ideas? chhers, Rich

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