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I am trying to work with multiple monitors but I am getting to the point at which I feel I need some help being pointed in the right direction. I have two display adapters each have multiple video connections but they are both currently connected to a monitor using the VGA connection. The video cards are ATI RADEON 9000 AGP(Primary monitor) and ATI ALL IN WONDER VE PCI(independant monitor). I really just wanna play around with the independent monitor using DirectShow but I seem to be stuck at how to access that monitor. I first begin trying to use ICreateDevEnum from CLSID_SystemDeviceEnum. But I was not sure which Filter Category I needed, I wanted to use CLSID_TransmitCategory because it says it represents all External Renderers but using this failed and I found that I think I was misinterperting the word "renderers". Currently I am using the following code but it will only return a list with one monitor, the current monitor. HRESULT hr; IVMRMonitorConfig * pMonitorConfig; CoInitialize(0); hr = CoCreateInstance( CLSID_VideoMixingRenderer, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IVMRMonitorConfig, (void**)&pMonitorConfig); /* [out] */ VMRMONITORINFO pInfo; /* [out] */ DWORD pdwNumDevices; hr = pMonitorConfig->GetAvailableMonitors(&pInfo, 16, &pdwNumDevices); I do not have a good understading of how DirectX works with monitors and how this all play a part with DirectShow I would appericate any advice someone could offer.

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