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DirectDraw --(A)SetColorKey (B)Alpha & rotate

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//////////////// // Quetion A: //////////////// The situation is I set the colorkey used RGB(X,X,X) like follow: DDCOLORKEY ddck; ::ZeroMemory(&ddck,sizeof(ddck)); ddck.dwColorSpaceLowValue = RGB(0,0,0); ddck.dwColorSpaceHighValue = RGB(0,0,0); Only "BLACK"-RGB(0,0,0) It will work! Some else color Key doesn''t work! Why? I try RGB(X,X,X) API and Blt to fill a screen. But the result(Screen color) is different from I saw in Photoshop RGB palette''s color I choose. Why? Does anybody could tell me? //////////////// // Question B: //////////////// How could I used Alpaha & Rotate a Surface in DirectDraw? Many subject they said DirectDraw doesnt support alpha blt.Is that a truth? I hope D3D is not a only way to solve my problem. Thank you

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