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Checking if DX is installed

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Hi all, I am currently sorting out my installation process for a dx project in .NET. I want to check to see if the host computer has .NET framework and DirectX installed. The .NEt bit was easy as there is a special option to check for that. What I don''t konw how to do is check for DX ver 9.0b. Do I search the target machine for D3d9.dll? As a side note, at the moment I think that if .NET is not installed the installation simply rollsback. Does anyone know how to alter this behaviour so that it will install the .NET framework instead. I know about the bootstrap thing, but would rather do it all from one installer if at all posible. Cheers drb2k2

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Actually you''re in luck. One of the more hidden interfaces of DirectX (it''s probably the lease used and known) is DirectSetup. It takes care of the entire installation process for you, and it''s incredibly easy to use. Check it out

Dustin Franklin
Mircrosoft DirectX MVP

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there is an example in the sdk which querries the directx dialog com object, you can get it to return a string of "9.0b". only directx 9 and above support this feature, but since your target is 9.0b it doesnt matter anyway.

its here in the sdk: [sdk root]\Samples\Multimedia\DXMisc\GetDXVer

check that project out, it has a function called GetDXVersion.

its freaken slow, b/c of the COM querry, but if your just using it in the installer, thats ok.

good luck

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