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Ian Povey

importing and writing an object

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I am new to this newsgroup, I am a partner in a web design and solutions business and my other partner has walked out he was the arty type i.e. Jeans, t-shirt, not washing for days etc.. I need to keep this baby afloat and so a website is the way to go A lot of people are using flash nowadays so I am trying to get my head around it what I need to do is bring objects into the page and animate them from library . I.e Nav bar objects and objects with picture assets such as gifs and jpgs. Can anyone help with resources for this sort of stuff as I am not much of an artist but my programming is pretty good. As soon as some of my stuff is live I will post it up etc. It will be good to start to get in touch with some programming blokes. Thanks for your help and patients. Ian P Povey. Spin that wheel homey!

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